The Music Cognition Lab holds weekly seminars on the Mile End campus at Queen Mary University of London. Sessions with invited speakers are listed below.

We welcome visitors to our seminars. If you are interested in attending or presenting, please get in touch with Marcus Pearce (marcus.pearce [at]

11am, Fri 9 February Polina Proutskova BBC Research VocalNotes Project [title TBC] CS424
11am, Fri 24 November Andrea Halpern Bucknell University Memory for music: For better or worse CS424
11am, Fri 3 November Ilana Harris UCL Is song processing distinct and special in the auditory cortex? CS424
11am, Fri 14 July Tomas Matthews Aarhus University Predictive Processes Shape the Relation between Syncopation and the Urge to Move to Music G2
4pm, Thu 11 May Anja Volk Utrecht University Music Information Computing: Understanding and employing patterns in music G2
3pm, Tue 2 May Christoph Finkensiep EPFL Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Note-Level Structure in Tonal Music G2
11am, Fri 24th Mar Mathias Klarlund Aarhus University Worlds apart? Testing the cultural distance hypothesis in music perception of Chinese and Western listeners. CS308
11:30am, Fri 25th Nov Eline Smit University of Konstanz Two approaches to the perception of affect of unfamiliar music CS308
11:30am, Fri 11th Nov Leah Fosticki Ariel University Individual differences in auditory perception CS308
11:30am, Fri 9th Sep Aditya Chander Yale University Rapid expectation adaptation for rare cadences CS308
3pm, Tues 7th Jun Elisa Passoni University of York Perception of voice pitch is malleable in the L1 of sequential Japanese-English bilinguals Zoom
11:30am, Fri 20th May Diana Omigie  Goldsmiths University of London Extending research on music engagement, memory and imagery: an overview of current research directions CS308
3pm, Tues 3rd May David Sears Texas Tech University Music Processing and the Language Metaphor: Evidence from Aphasia Zoom
11:30am, Fri 1st Apr Breck McGough University of Baylor An Objective Dissonance? New Psychoacoustic Research in Light of Music History CS308
11:30am, Fri 18th Mar Kat Agres Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore Statistical Learning and Expectation Mechanisms as Applied to Music Technology for Healthcare CS308
11:30am, Fri 10th Dec Niels Chr. Hansen Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies & Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University, Denmark Using IDyOM to investigate the expectancy dynamics of melodic cognition, composition, and improvisation CS308
11:30am, Fri 3rd Dec Scott Kunkel Linguistics Department, QMUL Bidialectal French speakers' language attitudes and perception of gradient acoustic differences CS308
11:30am, Fri 26th Nov Peter Harrison Centre for Music and Science, University of Cambridge Spectral effects on consonance CS308
11:30am, Fri 19th Nov John McBride Insitute for Basic Science, South Korea How discrete is musical pitch? CS308
11:30am, Fri 5th Nov Hope Oloye University College, London The impact of prolonged sensory predictability on cognition CS308
3pm, Tues 5th Oct Charalampos (Charis) Saitis C4DM, Queen Mary University of London Mapping the semantics of timbre across pitch registers Zoom
3pm, Tues 6th July Christopher Lee University of Hertfordshire The influence of groove on sexual attraction: evidence for an effect of misattributed arousal in males but not females Zoom
3pm, Tues 6th Apr Bodo Winter University of Birmingham Sensory language and ineffability: a cognitive linguistic perspective on sound descriptions and timbre Zoom
3pm, Tues 2nd Mar Lindsey Reymore Music Perception and Cognition Lab, McGill University Color and tone color: Audio-visual cross-modal correspondences with musical instrument timbre Zoom
Fri 15 Jan
Polina Proutskova & Olga Velichkina C4DM, Queen Mary University of London & French Society for Ethnomusicology Open questions on tonality perception and construction in non-Western vocal music Skype
3pm, Tues 1st Dec Gabriele Cecchetti Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab, EPFL Exploring the perceptual manifestations of syntactic processing in music Skype
11.30am, Fri 30 Oct Bastiaan van der Weij Music Cognition Group, University of Amsterdam Statistical affordances for meter: a cross-cultural investigation of probabilistic generative rhythm models Skype
3pm, Tues 6th Oct Hauke Egermann York Music Psychology Group, University of York Predicting Listener Experience in Functional Music Settings: Research at the Intersection between Music Psychology and Computer Science Zoom
3pm, Tues 2nd June Roberta Bianco EAR Institute, University College, London Long-term implicit memory for sequential auditory patterns in humans Skype
11.30am, Fri 6 Mar Ana Clemente Human Evolution and Cognition Research Group, University of the Balearic Islands Musical and Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity CS308
11.30am, Fri 28 Feb Elia Benhamou UCL/Dementia Research Centre/Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging Predictive Cognition of Music in Dementia CS308
12.30pm, Mon 27 Jan Alan Marsden Lancaster University A Computational Approach to Hierarchical Musical Structure ITL Meeting Room
12.00pm, Mon 27 Jan Tuomas Eerola Durham University Movement Periodicity in Music Performance ITL Meeting Room
11.30am, Fri 4 Oct Christian Walder CSIRO Data61 Neural Dynamic Programming for Musical Self Similarity CS308
11.30am, Fri  2 Aug Roger Dean Western Sidney University Network Analysis of Changing Conceptual Relationships between Timbres CS308
11.30am, Fri 26 Jul Psyche Loui Northeastern University Neural and Cognitive Substrates of Learning, Liking, and Learning ITL Meeting Room
11.30am, Fri 12 Jul Andrea Halpern Bucknell University Specificity of Auditory Imagery for Music ITL Meeting Room
11.30am, Fri 14 Jun Gareth Hearne Western Sidney University Fit and stability ratings in common, exotic, and microtonal scales CS308
11.30am, Fri 12 Apr David Baker Louisiana State University The Frequency Facilitation Hypothesis CS308
11.30am, Fri 1 Feb David Quiroga Martínez Aarhus University MMN, uncertainty and predictive processing in more realistic and complex musical contexts CS308
12pm, Fri 14 December Sarah Sauvé Memorial University of Newfoundland Aging Effects on Cortical Rhythmic Entrainment BR4.01
11.30am, Fri 2 November David Baker Louisiana State University Modeling Melodic Dictation CS308
11.30am, Fri 24 August Roger Dean Western Sidney University Timbral Ordering CS308
11.30am, Fri 6 July Andrew Goldman Columbia University, USA The Neuroscience of Improvisation: Epistemological Problems, Empirical Approaches CS308
11.30am, Fri 29 June Roberta Bianco University College, London Patterns detection in rapid sound sequences: Working memory limits and Learning CS308
11.30am, Fri 23 Mar Stine Derdau Sørensen Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University & The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark A musical mass experiment ITL Meeting Room
11am, Fri 17 Nov Sarah Knight Queen Mary University of London Multi-modal communicative behaviours in music therapy as markers of mental health CS308
10am, Mon 13 Nov Emilios Cambouropoulos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Creative harmonisation via conceptual blending: The CHAMELEON melodic harmonisation assistant ITL Meeting Room
11am, Fri 10 Nov Manuel Anglada-Tort & Katie-Rose Sanfilippo Berlin Technical University; Goldsmiths, University of London Visualising music psychology CS308
11am, Fri 13 Oct Andrew McLeod University of Edinburgh The language of music: A computational model of music understanding CS308
11am, Fri 29 Sep Roger Dean Western Sydney University Recent research into musical expression ITL Seminar Room
11am, Fri 5 May Manuel Anglada-Tort Berlin Technical University The Behavioural Economics of Music ITL Seminar Room
1pm, Mon 28 November Sam Duffy Queen Mary University of London Steve Reich’s Clapping Music App – using a mobile game based application to learn about music engagement and rhythm complexity ITL Seminar Room
3pm, Tue 22 November Guido Orgs Goldsmiths University of London The Neuroaesthetics of Choreography ITL Seminar Room
3pm, Mon 16 May Arild Stenberg University of Cambridge Can Layout and Engraving Rules Affect the Readability of Musical Scores? BR 4.01
3pm, Mon 14 March Gabriela Pavarini University of Cambridge Emotional Effects of Interpersonal Synchrony BR 4.01
3pm, Tue 23 February Arielle Bonneville-Roussy University of Roehampton There is accounting for taste: Intrinsic properties of the music as determinants of music taste in adulthood ITL Seminar Room
4pm, Thu 14 January David Poeppel Max-Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt Speech is Special and Language is Structured Laws 2.10
12pm, Tue 8 December 2015 Fernando Bravo University of Cambridge The effects of musical dissonance upon the emotional interpretation of visual information ITL Seminar Room
3pm, Tue 24 November 2015 Lauren Stewart & Pedro Kirk Goldsmiths University of London Sounds Within Reach: Cognitive and Motor Rehabilitation through Music Making ITL Seminar Room
3pm, Mon 16 March 2015 Hauke Egermann Technical University of Berlin Music and Emotion: Empirical Insights to Theory and Modeling ITL Seminar Room
4pm, Thu 29 Jan 2015 Emery Schubert University of New South Wales Mental matching of musical structures: The veridical chaining hypothesis ITL Seminar Room
2pm, Tue 14 Jan 2014 Finn Upham New York University Breathing with: listener respiratory phase alignment with music CS414
3pm, Thu 12 Dec 2013 Chia-Jung Tsay UCL The Impact of Visual Cues on the Judgment of Performance CS414
4pm, Wed 11 Dec 2013 Justin London Carleton College Microtiming in African drumming. CS414
2pm, Tue 29 Oct 2013 Christian Mikutta and Andreas Altorfer University of Berne Music and Emotion in Neuroscience CS414
2pm, Wed 6 Feb 2013 Peter Vuust Aarhus University It Don’t Mean a Thing… What musical training does to the brain Eng209
3pm, Wed 30 Jan 2013 Soren Bech Bang & Olufsen Perceptual Audio Evaluation BR3.02
2pm, Wed 7 Nov 2012 Jonna Vuoskoski University of Oxford Emotions induced by music: Psychological mechanisms and some contributing factors Eng209
12pm, Wed 19 Sept 2012 Andrea Halpern Bucknell University You Must Remember This: Episodic and Semantic Memory for Music Eng209
3pm, Wed 8 Feb 2012 Michael Proulx & Dave Brown Queen Mary, University of London Seeing with your ears? Image to sound sensory substitution Eng209