A few members of the Music Cognition Lab (December 2017).
Front row (from left): Jiajie Dai, Changhong Wang, Emmanouil Benetos.
Back row (from left): Adrien Ycart, Edward Hall, Rémi de Fleurian

Current members

firefox Dr. Marcus Pearce
Lab leader: Senior Lecturer in Sound and Music Processing.
firefox Rémi de Fleurian
Doctoral student: Expectation and chills in music.
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Projects: Chills review | ChiM dataset
firefox Edward Hall
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of thematic development and structural coherence in music.
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firefox Peter Harrison
Doctoral Student: Statistical modelling of polyphonic music.
tk_s Thomas Kaplan
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of rhythm perception and production.
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Amira Korkor

Doctoral Student: The cognitive neuroscience of creative innovation: using EEG, brain stimulation and computational modelling to understand creativity in music


Courtney Reed

Doctoral Student: Physiological sensing of the singing voice and musical imagery usage in vocalists.

changhongwang Changhong Wang
Doctoral Student: Computational analysis of expressive patterns in Chinese bamboo flute.
firefox Bastiaan van der Weij
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of musical metre perception.
firefox Adrien Ycart
Doctoral Student: Music Language Models for Audio Analysis.
firefox Ioanna Zioga
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Bridging the gap between learning and creativity using electroencephalography and brain stimulation.

Associated members


Dr. David Baker

Former Visiting Doctoral Student

firefox Dr. Emmanouil Benetos
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow: Automatic Music Transcription.

Ana Clemente

Visiting Doctoral Student: Human Evolution and Cognition Research Group, University of the Balearic Islands. PhD candidate, MSc, MPhil, MMus, BMus.
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firefox Prof. Roger Dean
Visiting Professor: Computational Creativity, Improvisation, Music Cognition, Musical affect.
firefox Prof. Andrea Halpern
Visiting Professor: Musical memory, imagery, music and aging, timbre.
67634 Dr. Charalampos Saitis
Lecturer in Digital Music Processing

Former members

firefox Miriam Tenderini
Doctoral Student: Emotional priming effects between language and music.
firefox Jiajie Dai
Doctoral student: Modelling Intonation and Interaction in Vocal Ensembles.
firefox Sarah Sauvé
Doctoral Student: Prediction in Polyphony: Modelling Auditory Scene Analysis.
firefox Dr. Yvonne Blokland
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Modelling musical preference decisions.
firefox Rodrigo Schramm
Academic visitor: Automatic transcription of multiple singers
firefox Dr. Sam Duffy
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: game-based development of rhythm performance skills.
firefox Niels Chr. Hansen
Doctoral Student: Musical expertise, uncertainty and statistical learning.
firefox Dr. Kat Agres
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: memory, expectation and preference in music perception.
firefox Yading Song
Doctoral Student: modelling musical emotion.
firefox Léna Delval
Research assistant: modelling musical preference decisions.
firefox David Sears
Research Visitor: Simulating Melodic and Harmonic Expectations for Tonal Cadences Using Probabilistic Models.
firefox Jordan Bennett Louis Smith
Doctoral Student: perception of musical structure.
firefox Kathryn Emerson
Research Assistant: memory, expectation and preference in music perception.
firefox Dr. Jeremy Gow
Research Fellow: Information-theoretic modelling of music.
firefox Sonia Wilkie
Doctoral Student: Auditory-visual looming.
firefox Chunyang Song
Doctoral Student: modelling the perception of syncopation in music.
firefox Asterios Zacharakis
Doctoral Student: timbre perception.
firefox Claire Meissner-Bernard
Masters Student: Influence of cultural exposure on musical expectations.
firefox Michael Terrell
Doctoral Student: loudness perception.
firefox Andrew Simpson
Doctoral Student: loudness perception.
firefox JP Tauscher
Visiting researcher: predicting emotional experience of music using neural and physiological responses.
firefox Marco Bussi
Visiting researcher: auditory scene analysis.