A few members of the Music Cognition Lab (December 2017).
Front row (from left): Jiajie Dai, Changhong Wang, Emmanouil Benetos.
Back row (from left): Adrien Ycart, Edward Hall, Rémi de Fleurian

Current members

Marcus Pearce
Lab leader.
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firefox Rémi de Fleurian
Doctoral student: Expectation and chills in music.
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Projects: Chills review | ChiM dataset
firefox Edward Hall
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of thematic development and structural coherence in music.
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Madeline Hamilton

Doctoral Student: Improving AI-generated Music with Pleasure Models.

tk_s Thomas Kaplan
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of rhythm perception and production.
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Amira Korkor

Doctoral Student: The cognitive neuroscience of creative innovation: using EEG, brain stimulation and computational modelling to understand creativity in music


Courtney Reed

Doctoral Student: Physiological sensing of the singing voice and musical imagery usage in vocalists.

Associated members

firefox Emmanouil Benetos
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow: Automatic Music Transcription.
Ana Clemente
Visiting Doctoral Student: Human Evolution and Cognition Research Group, University of the Balearic Islands.
Free Exploration and Free Play in Music 
Musical and Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity and Active Inference
Musical Chills: Acoustic and Syntactic Elicitors
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firefox Roger Dean
Visiting Professor: Computational Creativity, Improvisation, Music Cognition, Musical affect.
firefox Andrea Halpern
Visiting Professor: Musical memory, imagery, music and aging, timbre.
firefox Peter Harrison
Former doctoral Student and collaborator: Probabilistic modelling of polyphonic music.
67634 Charalampos Saitis
Lecturer in Digital Music Processing

Former members


David Baker

Former Visiting Doctoral Student

changhongwang Changhong Wang
Doctoral Student: Computational analysis of expressive patterns in Chinese bamboo flute.
firefox Bastiaan van der Weij
Doctoral Student: Probabilistic modelling of musical metre perception.
firefox Adrien Ycart
Doctoral Student: Music Language Models for Audio Analysis.
firefox Ioanna Zioga
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Bridging the gap between learning and creativity using electroencephalography and brain stimulation.
firefox Miriam Tenderini
Doctoral Student: Emotional priming effects between language and music.
firefox Jiajie Dai
Doctoral student: Modelling Intonation and Interaction in Vocal Ensembles.
firefox Sarah Sauvé
Doctoral Student: Prediction in Polyphony: Modelling Auditory Scene Analysis.
firefox Dr. Yvonne Blokland
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: Modelling musical preference decisions.
firefox Rodrigo Schramm
Academic visitor: Automatic transcription of multiple singers
Dr. Sam Duffy
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: game-based development of rhythm performance skills.
firefox Niels Chr. Hansen
Doctoral Student: Musical expertise, uncertainty and statistical learning.
firefox Kat Agres
Post-doctoral Research Assistant: memory, expectation and preference in music perception.
firefox Yading Song
Doctoral Student: modelling musical emotion.
firefox Léna Delval
Research assistant: modelling musical preference decisions.
firefox David Sears
Research Visitor: Simulating Melodic and Harmonic Expectations for Tonal Cadences Using Probabilistic Models.
firefox Jordan Bennett Louis Smith
Doctoral Student: perception of musical structure.
firefox Kathryn Emerson
Research Assistant: memory, expectation and preference in music perception.
firefox Jeremy Gow
Research Fellow: Information-theoretic modelling of music.
firefox Sonia Wilkie
Doctoral Student: Auditory-visual looming.
firefox Chunyang Song
Doctoral Student: modelling the perception of syncopation in music.
firefox Asterios Zacharakis
Doctoral Student: timbre perception.
firefox Claire Meissner-Bernard
Masters Student: Influence of cultural exposure on musical expectations.
firefox Michael Terrell
Doctoral Student: loudness perception.
firefox Andrew Simpson
Doctoral Student: loudness perception.
firefox JP Tauscher
Visiting researcher: predicting emotional experience of music using neural and physiological responses.
firefox Marco Bussi
Visiting researcher: auditory scene analysis.