Music Cognition Lab photo 2017

A few members of the Music Cognition Lab (December 2017).
Front row (from left): Jiajie Dai, Changhong Wang, Emmanouil Benetos.
Back row (from left): Adrien Ycart, Edward Hall, Remi De Fleurian
Photo: Jiajie Dai

Research at the Music Cognition Lab seeks to understand the way in which human listeners and performers process and engage with music. This research spans a wide range of psychological domains, from low-level processes such as auditory stream segregation to high-level concepts such as emotion induction and musical preference. The group makes use of a wide range of research paradigms, including computational modelling, neuroimaging, and cognitive psychology.

The Music Cognition Lab is part of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM), and the Cognitive Science (CogSci) Research Group, all institutions of Queen Mary University of London. The group is led by Marcus Pearce, Senior Lecturer in Sound and Music Processing, director of the EEG Laboratory and co-director of the Centre for Mind in Society.